In the Air – A Dispatch from Eastern Europe

2021-03-20T22:35:24+02:00 May 6th, 2020|Home, Videos|

Lockdown. Quarantine. Covid-19. Ventilator. Curfew. The coronavirus pandemic has brought new vocabulary and new meaning to old words.

Today we want to talk about “underlying health conditions” , not those of your mother or grandfather, but the underlying health conditions of five cities, countries, democracies in Eastern Europe.

In the Air – a dispatch from Eastern Europe takes us to Nada in Belgrade where democracy is under quarantine, Nelia in Bucharest where inhabitants are starting to fight air pollution, Claudia in Warsaw where the electorate still doesn’t know if or how they will vote a president, Mariana in Sofia where entering and exiting is severely restricted and Ulyana in Kyiv where you can smell the fires burning around Chernobyl.

A Passport Productions report for DW Română.

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